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Other Relationship Studies!

     In most studies about relationships they look at what the opposite sex likes but that isn't what we are dealing with here. It's not about what they like It's about what attracts them to you! It has to do with the "Law of Attraction" . This wasn't really addressed, mainly because it was not really known or understood. If you feel it was then answer this question"What attracts the opposite sex to you?" If you know the answer then you don't need to read any further.

     Ah_____, I see you're still here! That's good!

     In reading books about relationships be very careful as some of them are telling you to do things that will actually drive that special someone away from you instead of bringing them closer.

Special Note: Life is about Balance. Too much one way, not enough in another way and things fall apart, so never go too far when dealing with the opposite gender.

Law of Attraction

     There is an unwritten Law of Attraction: "What you CAN'T have, you want." Think about it. This is what makes a Star a Star. Everyone goes GaGa over a Star. People Idolize them but Stars are unreachable. They are very hard to get anywhere close to unless you are another Star. When a person really understands this Law of Attraction, and what causes it, they can get anyone they want into their life. Our e-Books "3 Secrets to a Man's Heart" and "3 Secrets to a Woman's Heart" specialize in getting you to fully understand this. Once you do the world is yours to do with it what you will.

     Remember though with great knowledge comes great responsibility. Don't use your knowledge for ill gotten gains.

     What is also very important is that once you have something it's not as important anymore. Let's say you always wanted a nice house, so you get one. What's the first thing you do? You have to make it your own, you have to change it. You have to paint a room, put in a new couch, make it your own. So you get it all done and there you are sitting on your couch and watching your big screen TV and your neighbor pulls in with a brand new sports car but you can't afford one. Ah yeah, you always want what you can't have or aren't sure, confident, that you can get.

     The thing is, with a relationship, once you get it you must be happy with what you've got and don't try to change it into something it is not, let it surprise you and build or enhance what you have but if it is Red don't try to change it to Blue just because now you want Blue instead of Red. Appreciate the relationship you have because it can surprise you everyday if you let it. In other words don't try to change the person from what they are. They will change on their own as they grow in the relationship. You must create a relationship without altering it's two main male, female factors.

REMEMBER... It's NOT about what they LIKE
It's about what ATTRACTS them!

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